Jamboree 21 DVD released

Whether you missed the insane four, six and rotary action at J21 or if you're just dying to relive it, the official Jamboree 21 DVD is now on sale at the Jamboree website.


Two litres, four pistons and six-second bound

Fresh off the back of running the country's quickest pass for a sport compact four-cylinder at Jamboree 21, Collin Willshire and the Jett Racing team have solidified their position as the baddest four-pot in the land with an encouraging 7.18sec pass at 190.7mph.


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The rumours surrounding a new class for full-chassis sport compact cars were clear on the money with more than a dozen racers committing to race the new four-round series in 2012. 'Factory Extreme' is the name for the new racing class that caters to full-chassis sport compact vehicles that pits fours, sixes and rotors against one another heads-up on a pro tree. Read on after the jump for more info.


Zoom Magazine Pan Ams Video Exclusive

If you're like us then you love sport compact drag racing and live for the wild engine conversions and big horsepower combinations their drivers come up with. With Jamboree 21 only a day or so away, we thought we'd help you get in the mood with something a bit special.


Resident Zoom photographer and sport compact correspondent, Jason Gynn, recently jumped on a jet plane, flew stateside and rolled up to Atco Raceway to cover the Pan American Nationals exclusively for Zoom Magazine readers. While you'll have to wait until issue #169 to see the feature in the magazine, here's a little video teaser to whet your appetite.

Enjoy the video after the break.


More Pre-Jamboree Testing at Willowbank Raceway

25/8/2011 4:05pm - 7.06 @ 196mph

25/8/2011 11:37am - Scott just ran 7.2 @ 190mph. It shook badly just after the 330ft mark. Car is looking slick and positively evil in its new satin black paintjob.


Secret Agent Dave just flicked through these pics of a brand new V6 combo testing at Willowbank Raceway. The stock-stroke VQ35 runs a pair of custom Garrett T51-based turbochargers on a pair of stunning exhaust manifolds with horsepower expectations clearly on the north side of 1500! Scott Porter's Nissan Infiniti is certainly going to be one to watch and we're hoping that Phil Laird and the team get enough testing done before J21 to be compeitive. Make sure you get along to J21 on the 27th and 28th of August to see it.

See more TTV6 engine awesomeness after the fold,

***UPDATE*** Extra pics added at bottom of post.

***ADDITIONAL UPDATE*** 7.2sec @ 184mph - 1.09 60ft.

Next pass 7.7 @ 194 with heaps of shake.

7.15@197 mph on last pass with big pedal job.


World's first R35 GT-R drag car

When the news of not one but three full-chassis R35 GT-R drag cars appeared as if from nowhere just a couple of weeks ago it took many, including the team at Zoom, by surprise. Aaron Gregory and the ITP team did well to keep the simultaneous builds on the down-low but since those first pics, we've seen nothing. Zero. Zip.


Sydney Jamboree - A sneak peak of what's to come


Well ladies and gentleman, the 2011 Sydney Jamboree has been run and won and what an epic event it was.

We know you're all keen as hell to see all the awesome coverage we have in store for you, so to keep you in suspense and whet your appetite, here's a sneak-peak of what's to come in an upcoming issue of Zoom.

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There was plenty of on-track action last night at Sydney Dragway at the Full Throttle Friday meet. With the Sydney Jamboree on this Sunday, it was the last opportunity for teams to get some track time for testing before the big event and as a result, we were blessed with some pretty awesome passes.

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Sydney Jamboree live stream


For those of you who unfortunately cannot make it to Sydney Dragway on Sunday 3/4/11 for the Sydney Jamboree, you don't have to miss out on all the action.

"For the first time ever, the Sydney Jamboree will be streamed live on the Internet where Drag Racing fans from 38 different countries can log in to watch live racing action. A state of the art fibre optic streaming system, comprising four separate cameras along the Quarter Mile."

Qualifying from 8.30am to 2.45pm, before racing takes place from 3pm.

Zoom Magazine - Issue #155

The brand new issue of Zoom is on shelves today and features all the smart tech solutions and hardcore racing performance machines of the Zoom world. Find it at all good newsagents or buy it online at Magstore.

Not only does Zoom 155 contain plenty of awesome DIY advice, it also contains a full feature on the world's quickest/fastest GT-R the Heat Treatments Racing 7.5sec Skyline of Reece McGregor and our extensive Jamboree coverage.



All the awesome features listed over the fold.

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