Current Issue -- Zoom 156


Hard core sleeper special. We have experimented with the cover image design!

Contents over the fold.

Pulse Racing - Forester


The SMH has an article about Subaru unveiling a new STi model Forester at the forthcoming Sydney motor show. What current Forester XT owners will tell you is that the XT's motor is basically the same as the STi version and only needs some simple power-ups to give an XT STi levels of power and torque.

 As part of our visit out to Pulse Racing in Menai, Paul Fisher walks us through the power-ups available for Subaru Foresters. Check out the video of Paul explaining what is required to give your XT more grunt over the fold.

Fabrication Win

We love fabrication here at Zoom. There’s nothing worse than a neat looking engine bay that’s spoilt by tatty, rough welds. We think it’s the unison effect of visually striking welds and the level of craftsmanship involved that makes us happy in many ways. If you’ve tried to weld before, you’d know how difficult it can be.


Click for some more super-awesome photos...

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