Close call at Sydney Powercruise

While surfing the net we came across this clip on Youtube of our good friend Anthony DeOlivera getting a bit excited with the throttle in his 10-second Mazda 1000 ute during the off-street racing at the recent Sydney Powercruise.

Watch how what began as a pretty awesome powerskid quickly turns into a spin-dry, sending the little orange ute flying towards yours truly while I was snapping away at the action. As you can see, I was given a front row seat to the spin as it unfolded so keep an eye out for the sequence of photos in an upcoming issue of Zoom.

Cheap skids at Revfest!

The cancellation of drag racing at the Hunter Valley Revfest this year caused quite a bit of controversy. However, the power skid and burnout driving event has been given the green light to continue on and has become the focal part of the show.



Because of this, the event organisers have decided to slash entry fees into the driving activities.

 But, by how much you’re probably asking? Click over the fold for a complete run down.


Jamboree 2010 - Team Talk - Rob Campisi


Rob Campisi – Procomp Motorsport Twin-Turbo Mustang

Australia’s quickest and fastest turbocharged car soared to new heights at the recent 2010 Jamboree. Rob Campisi stunned the crowd in his twin-turbo BBF Mustang running a string of low six-second passes throughout the weekend’s racing.

Full team report over the fold.


None of us want to see our cars end up like this:


If you live in Victoria, it could now happen to you. The Victorian police just this week have annouced they will be enforcing the latest phase of their 'anti-hoon' campaign. Pictured above is the first car to be punished by this new legislation.

With the aid of a court-order and under particular circumstances, the Victorian police can confiscate your ride, hand it to the SES for some quick jaws-of-life practice, then send it to the crusher.

Justification for this new ruling was made clear by the Deputy Comissioner for Road Policing, Ken Lay.


"If we permanently seize a vehicle that is not of a high safety standard, in that it doesn't have features such as ABS brakes and airbags, I cannot in good conscience send that vehicle back into the community." Said Lay. In order for your car to be taken from you and crushed, it has to be:

1) Impounded more than three times (or on it's third time)

2) Owned outright with no outstanding finance

3) Deemed unroadworthy, unsafe OR not meet a four-star used car safety rating. The RACV's (developed by Monash University) Used Car Safety Rating guide is being used as referral material when determening how unsafe a used car actually is.

The first car to meet its demise was a 1997 Holden Commodore owned by a Hamilton resident. Over the fold is a video released by the Victorian Police.

Goodwood Festival Of Speed

At the Zoom HQ, the Goodwood Festival of Speed has been a topic of discussion this week. Hopefully you are all aware of this event, if not, it is compulsory to read on and get informed on one of the greatest motorsport events on this planet.



To sum up the event, the Goodwood estate’s main seat was inherited by Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox back in 1993. Being a horsepower nut, he thought it would be a good idea to bring motorsport back to the historical Goodwood estate. The Goodwood circuit, located inside the grounds of the estate, was closed in the mid 60’s for numerous reasons. As Charles could not reopen the circuit, he decided to create a hill-climb event on his own driveway!

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