5/3/11 Full Throttle Friday gallery now online


A selection of images from the 5/3/11 Full Throttle Friday meet at Sydney Dragway is now online here in the Gallery section.

The night was action-packed, with a few new cars making their debuts that really got people talking, as well as a  handful of cars coming over from the Powercruise event at the neighboring Easter Creek Raceway. 



We are always on the lookout for cool and quirky cars when we are out and about and we happened to come across this tough-sounding FX Holden as it rolled into the staging lanes at a Sydney Dragway Full Throttle Friday meet in November.  Upon closer inspection we couldn't help but notice two sizable turbos visible from under the hood-line, so after watching it crawl off the line before coming to life and sling shotting down the strip for a low 10, we headed into the pits to take a closer look at this old beast.

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Turbosmart Comp-Gate40 Cars


Envy Dyno turbo Falcon and Marrano's Enhancement Division twin-turbo Commodore ute both put out 1100+rwhp. More images and details over the fold.

Pulse Racing -- Monaro


I took a trip out to Pulse Racing in Menai on Old Illawarra Road, NSW. I had a chat with Paul Fisher about some of the cars he had in the shop, including their World Time Attack Challenge Open Class winning EVO. Look for a video to be uploaded shortly of this beast.

Zoom Issue 2

sites/default/files/ZM02_1.jpgIn 1996 Australia voted in a coalition government of the Liberal and National parties that stayed in power for a decade and Zoom was educating an enthusiast readership used to small-block V8s and carburetor-based fuel systems. Turbochargers were considered ‘cheating’.

Apologies for the quality of the cover image. We don't actually have a copy of the mag so I pulled the image from a PDF and the details below from the backup of the working files (including actual negatives!).



 Car features

- Ultimate home-built Statesman

 - 4AGZE-powered home-built beach buggy

 - 1983 EFI XD Falcon

Specs: 351 Cleveland MoTeC injection with Edelbrock hi-rise manifold, MoTeC D2 ECU, ported 4V heads, Crane Hydraulic roller cam, TRW forged flat top pistons, Genie extractors, Tremec TR 3550 5-speed, ET Clutches modified McLeod street/strip clutch, Ford 9in diff’ with 3.56:1 ratio LSD

 - Supercharged 500hp Commodore

 - LJ Torana GTR

Specs: 179 Holden Red motor, twin SU carbies with Holley float bowls, Garrett T04 turbo

 Tech Features

- Modifying EFI basics, and by ‘basic’ we mean basic! Such tech wisdom included points like, modifications to the engine will require changes to the EFI. ‘EFI’ was discussed as if it was a single thing rather than a complex system with various parts each of which can be upgraded for different reasons.

 - DIY boost controller on a VL Turbo using a brass needle valve, it made 132rwkW!

 - ‘Chipping’ the Ford XR6 (XG ute) and Mondeo. The ‘chips’ didn’t work that well!

 Events & Lifestyle

- Buying used –Nissan GTS

- Targa Tasmania in the Zoom BMW M3R. Somehow the early editors of Zoom managed to wrangle a sponsorship deal with a Targa Tasmania team in a E36 239kW M3R

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