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Hard core sleeper special. We have experimented with the cover image design!

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True Street Blown - Sport Compact vs. V8 - HEADS UP!

Pro Street racing has been around in Australia since the '80s in a number of guises and is currently being run by the Australian Pro Street Association. The ASPA has recently taken some big steps to combine both the tradtional outlaw Pro Street cars with some of the front runners from the various sport compact classes running in its Outlaw 10.5 class. Basically it is a 'run what you brung' class where as long as you are on a 10.5W tyre and you have two swinging doors, it's legal.


Check out the proposed rules and have your say over the fold.



We are always on the lookout for cool and quirky cars when we are out and about and we happened to come across this tough-sounding FX Holden as it rolled into the staging lanes at a Sydney Dragway Full Throttle Friday meet in November.  Upon closer inspection we couldn't help but notice two sizable turbos visible from under the hood-line, so after watching it crawl off the line before coming to life and sling shotting down the strip for a low 10, we headed into the pits to take a closer look at this old beast.

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Zoom 154


The current issue of Zoom is on the shelves and features all the msart tech solutions and hardcore racing performance machines of the Zoom world.

Jamboree action on One HD this weekend


For those of you unfortunate enough to miss out on this years Jamboree, you're in luck.  One HD is bringing J20 to you this Saturday 27/11/10, in all its high definition glory.

The action starts from 8.30pm in QLD, 9.30pm in NSW/VIC, 9.00pm in SA and 6.00pm in WA. (check your local guides) and will feature a solid 60 mins of Sport Compact drag racing.

Mark this down in your calendars and set a reminder on your set top box because you don't want to miss this!



Well ladies and gentlemen, the Pac Performance crew are at it once again with their Pro Turbo 20B Mazda6 laying down a critic silencing 6.589@208.65mph pass at tonights 'Full Throttle Friday' meet at Sydney Dragway.

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Pac Performance in Action at Track Championship


The Pac Performance crew are out in action at this weekend's meet, Round 4 of the Sydney Dragway Track Championship.

Horrific drag racing crash

There was plenty of tough cars out on the track for the first Full Throttle Friday of the season and it was none-stop action right through the night. Unfortunately the buzz of the night was dampened somewhat by a horrific accident involving Steven 'Junior' Abreu's 'back-halfed' RX3 and Anthony Daquino's full chassis RX3.


More info and a video of the accident over the fold

Full Throttle Friday 22 Oct 2010


Jason's images from Full Throttle Friday are up in the galleries.

Further information on the above PSIDUP Cortina is on its way!



As I noted in a previous post, our colleagues over at Street Fords had a Ford press car last week and they tested it at the street drags at Sydney Dragway and on a chassis dyno. The first dyno figures generated some vigorous debate on various car forums, so we took up some of the doubters on their challenge to run the BOSS 335 on their dyno.

So we did. And then we went back to the original dyno to run it again.

We filmed it all. Video over the fold.

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