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Pulse Racing - Forester


The SMH has an article about Subaru unveiling a new STi model Forester at the forthcoming Sydney motor show. What current Forester XT owners will tell you is that the XT's motor is basically the same as the STi version and only needs some simple power-ups to give an XT STi levels of power and torque.

 As part of our visit out to Pulse Racing in Menai, Paul Fisher walks us through the power-ups available for Subaru Foresters. Check out the video of Paul explaining what is required to give your XT more grunt over the fold.

Plazmaman Water-to-Air Intercooler


Today I went out to see Alex from Plazmaman to get some intercooler pipes welded up for a tech story that shall be coming out in a  future Zoom. While I was there he gave me a quick look at the Plazmaman development mule, a Subaru WRX STi. The top-mount air-to-air intercooler was pulled off and replaced with a water-to-air intercooler.

As Alex points out there are many benefits of the W2A intercooler setup. The two main benefits are:

1) No massive intercooler to annoy the police and registration authorities. The W2A setup is relatively stealth.

2) It keeps the inlet charge at a consistent 30-40deg unlike air-to-air coolers that have massive temperature fluctuations depending on the conditions and driving environment.


True Street?

The term 'street-car' is thrown around a bit too losely now days in the performance motoring scene. Lines between race car and street car have been blurred so much it is becoming increasingly hard to tell seperate them from one another.

Cars running nines or even eight second quartermiles on drag radials is becoming increasingly common and while a lot of these cars have two seats, an OEM style dash, carpet and run on street legal tyres, should they be considered street cars?

Are they 'streeters'? Really?

While they may have number plates and a sticker on the windscreen we wouldn't really consider them to be true street cars. Lightweight front seats, no rear seats at all, all unnesecary dash components removed along with anything that resembles a stereo and so on. Then there is the drivability of the car. How many of these cars do you think would get driven on the street regularly? I mean, you only have one extra seat, it's not like your going to be able to take your family for a sunday cruise are you? This is where we are able to make the distinction between what is a street registered race car, and what is true-street car.

Full interiors, street tyres, pump fuel, as you would drive to the track and down to the shops. Apart from a change in the tune these three cars are just that.  These cars give new meaning to the term ‘deadly-daily’. True road-registered street monsters in disguise that both run 9sec or even 8sec quarters while still being able to cruise down the road, family in tow for a Sunday drive. Full interior, street tyres and pump fuel, you can't get any better than that.

Over the fold is a hard-core WRX, a blistering-quick EVO and a dominating GTR. I'll take one of each, thanks!

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