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Turbosmart Comp-Gate40 Cars


Envy Dyno turbo Falcon and Marrano's Enhancement Division twin-turbo Commodore ute both put out 1100+rwhp. More images and details over the fold.

Zoom Issue 151


Zoom issue 151 – On Sale Now

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Jamboree 2010 - Team Talk - Rob Campisi


Rob Campisi – Procomp Motorsport Twin-Turbo Mustang

Australia’s quickest and fastest turbocharged car soared to new heights at the recent 2010 Jamboree. Rob Campisi stunned the crowd in his twin-turbo BBF Mustang running a string of low six-second passes throughout the weekend’s racing.

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Pulse Racing -- Monaro


I took a trip out to Pulse Racing in Menai on Old Illawarra Road, NSW. I had a chat with Paul Fisher about some of the cars he had in the shop, including their World Time Attack Challenge Open Class winning EVO. Look for a video to be uploaded shortly of this beast.

Random Cool Stuff and Nostalgia (Editor's Archive)

In this line of work you're presented with insanely cool and funny stuff on a daily basis. It's what keeps us sane and it works too! (mostly)

Sometimes though it's good to go through the various apparatus cluttering your office and have a bit of a purge. There's plenty of cool stuff saved on hard drives, memory sticks, old laptops, phones and the thousand or so unlabled CD's and DVD's around the place and while it can be cool and nostalgic, do you really need it?

Probably not. That said, it seems a shame to not give some of the more random, amusing or plain ridiculous stuff a final hoorah on the interwebs and so as I wait for my first bucket-o-caffeine of the day to kick in, that's what I'll do.

Rob Campisi's car has been called a lot of things since it hit the scene late last year but the least accurate of these has been "American-Built". Thankfully the track commentator has since been re-educated and the quickest and fastest turbo car in the land is proudly Australian made. This is a shot from the SCF Race Cars sheds in South-West Sydney where every bit of the car was built.


2010 Jamboree set to be a big one

The annual Jamboree held at Queensland's Willowbank Raceway is already considered Australia's premiere Sport Compact drag racing event attracting a world-wide audience keen to see what the Aussie scene has to offer. This years event is shaping up to be bigger and better with some oversea's visitors making the trip to the land down under.

Earlier this month we recieved confirmation that the worlds fastest 13B rotary-powered vehicle, the Sporty Motorsports RX7 would be making the long trip from Puerto Rico along side the Pica Motors El Yankee RX8 to attend the event and take on the local competition.


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Zoom Issue 5



IMBOSS Escort --> Now Small Block Blown

As mentioned in the previous post, we were discussing the IMB-O5S Escort as an icon car in the Fast Fours and Zoom scenes of the performance enthusiast world. It hit the wall at WSID in a bad way some time ago and everyone in the EMG offices winced when they saw the damage (video embedded below). Below is the reason why we were discussing it.

While I was at Pro Flo in Sydney's outer west shooting a tech story on performance stainless pipe work, aluminium fittings, etc. with Brett from Motorsport Connections, Paul Sant, owner of Pro Flo, was dead keen to show me a car he had in another garage. We trundled up behind the main workshop and behold, it was IMBOSS! WITH A BLOWN SMALL BLOCK!


I excitedly returned to the offices with images as I knew that the Esky was a favourite amongst a number of EMG writers and editors. Half of them kicked up a fuss about the blown V8 power and the other half though it was awesome. More pics over the fold.

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