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If you're like us then you love sport compact drag racing and live for the wild engine conversions and big horsepower combinations their drivers come up with. With Jamboree 21 only a day or so away, we thought we'd help you get in the mood with something a bit special.


Resident Zoom photographer and sport compact correspondent, Jason Gynn, recently jumped on a jet plane, flew stateside and rolled up to Atco Raceway to cover the Pan American Nationals exclusively for Zoom Magazine readers. While you'll have to wait until issue #169 to see the feature in the magazine, here's a little video teaser to whet your appetite.

Enjoy the video after the break.


Toyotafest 2010


Members of Toymods and other associated Toyota car clubs held the Toyotafest car show over the October long weekend and I went down to have a look. It was held at the Home Hub Hills shopping centre and the centre itself gave the event plenty of support, which is not surprising as the event attracted over 100 entrants and many times that in spectators. Dav Hoban, one of the main organisers fo the event, said the shopping centre provided $25000 worth of support in terms of promotional material, space and organisational assistance. More over the fold with complete coverage in a forthcoming issue of the magazine.

Zoom Issue 151


Zoom issue 151 – On Sale Now

Check out the contents over the fold!

Jamboree 2010 - Team Talk - Rod Harvey


The Rayglass Boats Pro Turbo Celica of Kiwi Rod Harvey stole the show at J20 and built on the stellar form that has seen them run some of the quickest passes in history like it was nothing.

Full team report over the fold.

2JZ Delorean Build Thread


We feature Edward Ghesquiere's 2JZ Delorean in issue 150 of Zoom. Ed is an engineer and the detail and skill of the build is very impressive. He has a detailed build thread on a US Supra forum and we asked him to choose the best or most challenging parts of the engine conversion part of the build in a super condensed version of his 25+ page build thread.

Here is a video of the engine just fitted and running without any of the accessories fitted. Check over the fold for more detailed build thread images.


Jamboree 2010 - Pre-Jambo Testing Update 1

Jamboree 20 is only a matter of days away and the Kiwi drag racers were yesterday making the most of the Queensland sunshine with some testing in the lead-up to the weekend. Get all the details over the fold.


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