None of us want to see our cars end up like this:


If you live in Victoria, it could now happen to you. The Victorian police just this week have annouced they will be enforcing the latest phase of their 'anti-hoon' campaign. Pictured above is the first car to be punished by this new legislation.

With the aid of a court-order and under particular circumstances, the Victorian police can confiscate your ride, hand it to the SES for some quick jaws-of-life practice, then send it to the crusher.

Justification for this new ruling was made clear by the Deputy Comissioner for Road Policing, Ken Lay.


"If we permanently seize a vehicle that is not of a high safety standard, in that it doesn't have features such as ABS brakes and airbags, I cannot in good conscience send that vehicle back into the community." Said Lay. In order for your car to be taken from you and crushed, it has to be:

1) Impounded more than three times (or on it's third time)

2) Owned outright with no outstanding finance

3) Deemed unroadworthy, unsafe OR not meet a four-star used car safety rating. The RACV's (developed by Monash University) Used Car Safety Rating guide is being used as referral material when determening how unsafe a used car actually is.

The first car to meet its demise was a 1997 Holden Commodore owned by a Hamilton resident. Over the fold is a video released by the Victorian Police.

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