Hitting above your weight (Mini vs. Porsche vs. Hyundai)

The ballsy challenge issued by former Porsche exec and current Mini America head, Jim McDowell, to race Porsche’s legendary 911 in a Mini at Road America took an interesting turn over the weekend when Korean car maker Hyundai decided to step into the fray.

Clever marketing tactics and one-upmanship aside, this three-way battle is one we could watch for days. Check out the video exchange for the blow-by-blow. We’ll keep you updated.

Mini challenges Porsche to a race:

See the rest of the video replies below over the fold!

Low Speed Chinese Crashes

For those who haven't seen it yet, here is the video of 34 low-speed Chinese crashes (via Jalopnik). I am sure there is some sort of racialisation of automobile drivers going on here by the Seppo Jalopnik fellows. Is it funny?

Euro Thrash Tuesday

Two hard-core street weapons of the highest quality for the new regular post for Tuesday's, Euro Thrash. Any suggestions for future Euro Thrash Tuesdays contact us or leave a comment below.

The first is a brand new 2010 E92 M3 that has had thoroughly indecent work carried out not only to its undercarriage and body, but to the engine and driveline too. Check out the build thread.


Parts include:

- KW ClubSport adjustable suspension and Brembo 380mm brake kit

- Akrapovic titanium exhaust system

- Rogue Engineering adjustable toe arms

- ESS Tuning supercharger kit

- M3 GTS roll bar

- M3 GTS performance seats

- Ericsson Carbon Fiber door panels

- Custom Carbon Fiber interior trim

- BBS FI wheels

 Here is a video of a similar E92 with an IND ESS supercharger kit installed chucking a skid.


The second is a 1000+hp Lamborghini Gallardo from Speedhunters.  I like this shot of the rear of the Lambo with the parachute. In Australian drag racing circles a parachute means that a car has been teched to go faster than 145mph down the strip.


Parts for this beast include:

- Custom twin billet 67mm Precision Turbochargers

- Mobil 1 15W50 Motor Oil 

- TiAL billet wastegates and billet blow off valves

- Custom fabricated stainless steel exhaust using aircraft quality metal

- Ultra lightweight stainless steel mufflers

- Custom fabricated stainless steel air induction using aircraft quality metal

- Custom Air/Water intercooler system with high flow water pump

- Custom ice water reservoir

- High flow intercooler water heat exchanger

- Crankcase ventilation system

- K&N air filters

- Show quality polishing on turbo compressor, intercooler and charge piping.

- Custom heat shielding and high quality heat wrap

- Exhaust Finish Options:high temp heat coating or polished mirror finish

- High quality silicone hose

- High pressure T-bolt clamps for intake pressure tubes

- High quality V-band clamps for exhaust connections

Here is a video by UNderground Racing of the Gallardo at the Texas Mile:


VH45TT R31 Skyline on the Dyno

For the next installment of the video I shot while writing the epic ECU guide in Zoom issue 147 is the VH45TT-powered R31 Skyline coupe on the dyno at MRC Dyno and Performance, being tuned by Andy Wyatt of Adaptronic.

True Street?

The term 'street-car' is thrown around a bit too losely now days in the performance motoring scene. Lines between race car and street car have been blurred so much it is becoming increasingly hard to tell seperate them from one another.

Cars running nines or even eight second quartermiles on drag radials is becoming increasingly common and while a lot of these cars have two seats, an OEM style dash, carpet and run on street legal tyres, should they be considered street cars?

Are they 'streeters'? Really?

While they may have number plates and a sticker on the windscreen we wouldn't really consider them to be true street cars. Lightweight front seats, no rear seats at all, all unnesecary dash components removed along with anything that resembles a stereo and so on. Then there is the drivability of the car. How many of these cars do you think would get driven on the street regularly? I mean, you only have one extra seat, it's not like your going to be able to take your family for a sunday cruise are you? This is where we are able to make the distinction between what is a street registered race car, and what is true-street car.

Full interiors, street tyres, pump fuel, as you would drive to the track and down to the shops. Apart from a change in the tune these three cars are just that.  These cars give new meaning to the term ‘deadly-daily’. True road-registered street monsters in disguise that both run 9sec or even 8sec quarters while still being able to cruise down the road, family in tow for a Sunday drive. Full interior, street tyres and pump fuel, you can't get any better than that.

Over the fold is a hard-core WRX, a blistering-quick EVO and a dominating GTR. I'll take one of each, thanks!

Adaptronic Workshop Visit

We visited Andy Wyatt at Adaptronic as part of the big 30 page ECU feature in the current issue 147 of Zoom. He is doing the initial config on the monster VH45TT-powered R31 Skyline coupe built by Mark at MRC Dyno and Performance (that is just next door to Andy's workshop) and shows us how simple it is to adjust the injector timing in real time through the E1280s ECU's powerful tuning software.

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