Jamboree 2010 - Girls


 Over the fold are various snaps of hot girls from the Jamboree J20 2010 event!

Jamboree 2010 - Personally Autographed 'El Yankee' RX8 Merchandise

Missed Jambo? Love rotary drag cars? Want free stuff?

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Learn how to win stuff over the fold.

Jamboree 2010 - TCR Automotive FD RX7 - Eddie Colon In-Car Video

Eddie Colon arrived at Queensland’s Willowbank Raceway for J20 after travelling all the way from Puerto Rico only to find himself without his 6sec RX7. It hadn’t arrived in time so in an act of true generosity, Dib Taouil from Sydney’s TCR Automotive offered Eddie the drive of his street 289-spec 7sec FD RX7.


In-Car video over the fold.

Jamboree 2010 - On Way to Jamboree

Jamboree 2010 - Pre-Jambo Testing Update 2

It was another big day of testing yesterday at Willowbank Raceway ahead of this weekend's Jamboree event and our man on the scene, JustDave, was there to capture some of the action as well as lock in a couple of shoots for Zoom.

(You can see Part One of this update by clicking here)


Read all about the test day over the fold.

2JZ Delorean Build Thread


We feature Edward Ghesquiere's 2JZ Delorean in issue 150 of Zoom. Ed is an engineer and the detail and skill of the build is very impressive. He has a detailed build thread on a US Supra forum and we asked him to choose the best or most challenging parts of the engine conversion part of the build in a super condensed version of his 25+ page build thread.

Here is a video of the engine just fitted and running without any of the accessories fitted. Check over the fold for more detailed build thread images.


Jamboree 2010 - Pre-Jambo Testing Update 1

Jamboree 20 is only a matter of days away and the Kiwi drag racers were yesterday making the most of the Queensland sunshine with some testing in the lead-up to the weekend. Get all the details over the fold.


Eurothrash Tuesday: European speeding fail

In some countries, in particular Switzerland, speeding fines are determined by two factors:

- How fast you're going (obviously)
- Your yearly income (interesting)

So what happens when you purchase a brand new $360,000 Mercedes-Benz , flog it's guts off at nearly 300 kilometers per hour, then get caught by a speed camera?


...You cop the biggest speeding fine ever recorded in history!

More over the fold


Autofest (aka Revfest) 2010: Council Approval!

At the regular meeting of the Cessnock City Council Mark Arblaster's Revfest event gained approval to be developed. Opposition to the event attempted to wage a small scale negative publicity campaign with an oppositional council report and negative comments from local police.

Of interest to us are the more general conditions and points raised at the council meeting. There were four main pre-event concerns or conditions flagged by the Council that need to be address to satisfy them and gain proper consent to run the event:


Traffic flow and parking seem to have been the main concerns. The Council requires a formal Traffic Management Plan will need to be developed and a risk assessment will need to be carried out. Another concern was ensuring sufficient emergency vehicle access.



Dust control seems to have been a major concern, and when the council says 'dust' we think they mean burnout smoke. As well as dust and burnout smoke potentially affecting local residents and businesses the Council was concerned about noise from any public announcement systems and music, vehicles in the static display and driving events.



Health issues are mainly regarding food preparation and waste disposal. Food preparation for any temporary food preparation service has to follow Council’s Temporary Food Premises Guidelines and Food Safety Standards. An adequate supply of water was also flagged as a requirement. With food and drink comes rubbish, so the Council also made it a condition that a proper system of appropriate waste disposal was setup.



Issues of safety were more general than what we expected and I imagine that whatever insurance provider (probably Shannons) that Arblaster has organised will have other specific requirements. The Council was concerned about correct fencing and the closing of runways to keep entrants and spectators safe. For this to be carried out properly a Crowd Management and Security Plan needs to be prepared. Also to assist in traffic flow user-pays Police need to be provided at applicant’s cost, which should be interesting considering the local commander's comments to the media. Lastly, the NSW Department of Sport & Recreation needs to approve the event to ensure the suitability of the venue as a racing/event facility.


Post event conditions

A number of conditions need to be met after the event including a an event review be carried out to identify attendance numbers and compliance with conditions of Council consent, including any issues which arose on the day of the event which were not planned for.

Arblaster also has to notify NSW Police of the event and indicate to them that Council will be asking for a summary of any change in activity over the weekend including any change in the number car accidents, Penalty Infringement Notices issued, cautions issued, alcohol related incidents and their general impressions of any anti social activity on that weekend.

Good luck to Mark and the Revfest/Autofest crew! They've certainly carried out a lot of work so far!


None of us want to see our cars end up like this:


If you live in Victoria, it could now happen to you. The Victorian police just this week have annouced they will be enforcing the latest phase of their 'anti-hoon' campaign. Pictured above is the first car to be punished by this new legislation.

With the aid of a court-order and under particular circumstances, the Victorian police can confiscate your ride, hand it to the SES for some quick jaws-of-life practice, then send it to the crusher.

Justification for this new ruling was made clear by the Deputy Comissioner for Road Policing, Ken Lay.


"If we permanently seize a vehicle that is not of a high safety standard, in that it doesn't have features such as ABS brakes and airbags, I cannot in good conscience send that vehicle back into the community." Said Lay. In order for your car to be taken from you and crushed, it has to be:

1) Impounded more than three times (or on it's third time)

2) Owned outright with no outstanding finance

3) Deemed unroadworthy, unsafe OR not meet a four-star used car safety rating. The RACV's (developed by Monash University) Used Car Safety Rating guide is being used as referral material when determening how unsafe a used car actually is.

The first car to meet its demise was a 1997 Holden Commodore owned by a Hamilton resident. Over the fold is a video released by the Victorian Police.

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