Jamboree 2010 - TCR Automotive FD RX7 - Eddie Colon In-Car Video

Eddie Colon arrived at Queensland’s Willowbank Raceway for J20 after travelling all the way from Puerto Rico only to find himself without his 6sec RX7. It hadn’t arrived in time so in an act of true generosity, Dib Taouil from Sydney’s TCR Automotive offered Eddie the drive of his street 289-spec 7sec FD RX7.


In-Car video over the fold.

Eddie came to grips with the car with ease and ran a number of solid passes in the borrowed ride. We jumped on board with Eddie for a look at what goes on inside a 1000+ horsepower RX7. There’s a lot going on but Eddie Colon is one cool customer behind the wheel of a rotary drag car.



Someone in the video

Hi there, I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian on the weekend! Is that Adrian in the background of the video as Eddie pulls up towards the strip?
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