2JZ Delorean Build Thread


We feature Edward Ghesquiere's 2JZ Delorean in issue 150 of Zoom. Ed is an engineer and the detail and skill of the build is very impressive. He has a detailed build thread on a US Supra forum and we asked him to choose the best or most challenging parts of the engine conversion part of the build in a super condensed version of his 25+ page build thread.

Here is a video of the engine just fitted and running without any of the accessories fitted. Check over the fold for more detailed build thread images.


This is what the engine looked like when i fist got it. I spent hours on a stool looking at trying to figure out how i was going to make this madness work.


Here is the Delorean transmission sitting next to the 2JZ bellhousing. This is what I had to start with to mate the engine with the tranny. I spent a lot of time thinking on my stool with this, too.


This is what my flywheel started out as. It was many hours to get it to fit and function properly.


Here is the clutch and bellhousing as I was taking measurments.


The SPA manifold modified with a Tial 38mm v-band dummied up.


Things starting to come together.


The exhaust was very hard to figure out as i had very little room to work with.


Dyno print out of the 2JZ Delorean.




Hi guys, this is fantastic... Which issue of the magazine is this covered in? Also, can you tell me what type of Transmission that is? Is it a Getrag from out of a Supra?


impressive build. maybe if the engine was similar to this it would have sold more.

In Zoom 150

It is in Zoom 150, which is only on shelves for a little while longer! So get it at you local newsagent or ring up magstore. It is the original gearbox with the bellhousing adapted from getrag!
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