September 2011

Zoom Magazine Pan Ams Video Exclusive

If you're like us then you love sport compact drag racing and live for the wild engine conversions and big horsepower combinations their drivers come up with. With Jamboree 21 only a day or so away, we thought we'd help you get in the mood with something a bit special.


Resident Zoom photographer and sport compact correspondent, Jason Gynn, recently jumped on a jet plane, flew stateside and rolled up to Atco Raceway to cover the Pan American Nationals exclusively for Zoom Magazine readers. While you'll have to wait until issue #169 to see the feature in the magazine, here's a little video teaser to whet your appetite.

Enjoy the video after the break.


Joe Signorelli Breaks World Sport Compact Record - 6.38 @ 223mph!

Wednesday 7/9/2011 4:30pm -  Joe Signorelli piloted the Gas Motorsport 2JZ Celica down the Sydney Dragway quarter mile in a world record breaking 6.38sec at over 223mph. Joe said that he had to pedal the car early and that it shook in explaining the uncharacteristically slow sixty-foot time.

UPDATE: Video below

Zoom 165 On Sale Now

Zoom 165 is now on shelves and I'm not sure if anyone's told you yet but you need to buy it. Seriously. There's cool stuff inside including a poster of the awesome cover car owned by Alex Cirtoski from Birrong Automotive.


When we went to print the car had run bottom 8's but Alex was confident the car would go into the 7's in the very near future. He was right and here's the video to prove it!