July 2010

2010 Jamboree set to be a big one

The annual Jamboree held at Queensland's Willowbank Raceway is already considered Australia's premiere Sport Compact drag racing event attracting a world-wide audience keen to see what the Aussie scene has to offer. This years event is shaping up to be bigger and better with some oversea's visitors making the trip to the land down under.

Earlier this month we recieved confirmation that the worlds fastest 13B rotary-powered vehicle, the Sporty Motorsports RX7 would be making the long trip from Puerto Rico along side the Pica Motors El Yankee RX8 to attend the event and take on the local competition.


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Petition against changes to Modified Vehicle laws in NSW


UPDATE: Apparently the RTA is proposing to target vehicles with four modifications or more, or engine conversions.

Below is the message that is circulating across a number of forums and Facebook. I haven't come across any official word from the government on this. Even if there is a chance they are looking at doing this, then it is worth posting.

The NSW RTA is proposing changes to the current registration system for modified vehicles. These changes will mean that the majority of modified vehicles will be classified as individually constructed and will have to comply with the ADR's current on the day that it goes for registration.

Please follow the link below and sign the petition to assist us in taking the fight to the NSW Transport Minister.

Fair Registration for Modified Vehicles Petition People from other states should also sign as this will show a strong message that everyone across Australia dont like crap like this.

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Fabrication Win

We love fabrication here at Zoom. There’s nothing worse than a neat looking engine bay that’s spoilt by tatty, rough welds. We think it’s the unison effect of visually striking welds and the level of craftsmanship involved that makes us happy in many ways. If you’ve tried to weld before, you’d know how difficult it can be.


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Goodwood Festival Of Speed

At the Zoom HQ, the Goodwood Festival of Speed has been a topic of discussion this week. Hopefully you are all aware of this event, if not, it is compulsory to read on and get informed on one of the greatest motorsport events on this planet.



To sum up the event, the Goodwood estate’s main seat was inherited by Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox back in 1993. Being a horsepower nut, he thought it would be a good idea to bring motorsport back to the historical Goodwood estate. The Goodwood circuit, located inside the grounds of the estate, was closed in the mid 60’s for numerous reasons. As Charles could not reopen the circuit, he decided to create a hill-climb event on his own driveway!

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Zoom Issue 5



IM240 Policy Backflip in WA

And so ends at least one chapter in the war of State governments against car enthusiasts, with the official announcement that IM240 testing in WA is being rolled back: 

In respect to emission testing for light vehicles, the Government has resolved that the requirements for the licensing of vehicle modifications will reflect the policy as it was prior to the implementation of the IM240 policy in April 2009.

IM240 is an emissions testing regime that was meant to be quick and easy relative to the comphrensive '5 gas' test, which can cost up to $3000. The implementation of the test was ill-conceived with not enough planning or consultation work with industry being carried ahead of time by the WA Department of Transport. For enthusiasts, the IM240 was a great concept. A cheap emissions test to ensure your car met the emissions requirement. Unfortunately only one workshop in WA could carry out the test and the cost bandied about ranged from $300 to $700 per test.

The first stage of the roll back was a six month moratorium on testing. This was meant to allow the government to sort itself out. It is apparent that the easiest way to sort this out was to pull the testing option altogether.

IMBOSS Escort --> Now Small Block Blown

As mentioned in the previous post, we were discussing the IMB-O5S Escort as an icon car in the Fast Fours and Zoom scenes of the performance enthusiast world. It hit the wall at WSID in a bad way some time ago and everyone in the EMG offices winced when they saw the damage (video embedded below). Below is the reason why we were discussing it.

While I was at Pro Flo in Sydney's outer west shooting a tech story on performance stainless pipe work, aluminium fittings, etc. with Brett from Motorsport Connections, Paul Sant, owner of Pro Flo, was dead keen to show me a car he had in another garage. We trundled up behind the main workshop and behold, it was IMBOSS! WITH A BLOWN SMALL BLOCK!


I excitedly returned to the offices with images as I knew that the Esky was a favourite amongst a number of EMG writers and editors. Half of them kicked up a fuss about the blown V8 power and the other half though it was awesome. More pics over the fold.

Euro Thrash Tuesday

The other day in the ZOOM HQ, we were discussing a classic car.

The 'IMB-05S' Escort that i'm sure we all know about. I was browsing the internet for pictures of this particular Escort. However, on some wild Swedish forum half a world away the keywords "IMBOSS ESCORT" brought up this car.

All we know is that it's grey, incredibly good looking and is powered by a Volvo 5 pot turbo motor.


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Pac Mazda Video

Mazda Australia have produced a video of Rocky Rehayem discussing what happens during a run of the Pac Performance 20B-powered Super Compact (BB/SC) Mazda6. Mazda is involved in all levels of motorsport, checkout the cool 'community' page on the Mazda site, so we chased up Allan Horsely, Mazda Australia's Motorsport guru, for further comment.  See the video over the fold (click 'Read more').