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Boost is the title people buy for its eclectic mix of highly-modified rides, from force-fed fours and rapid rotaries to very powerful ‘import’ and Aussie sixes and even twin-turbocharged or supercharged V8s. In fact, if any given make and model has lots of power or “cuts a quick time”, there’s room for it in Boost.

As evidenced by the growth in Sport Compact drag racing categories and the emerging trends towards ‘tough, tuned streetcars’, the ever-expanding aftermarket is in a constant state of growth. You only have to skim through the most popular motoring forums and websites to see just how strong that scene is here in Australia.

It’s no wonder our advertisers uphold that, when combined with relevant editorial coverage, cost-competitive advertisements in Boost really do pay handsome business dividends. That’s because we provide not only the inspiration and reference for readers to help them construct their dream ride – be it a street, drag, circuit or straight-out dyno car – but the resources to make it happen.

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